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The Wolfpack
What's the Wolfpack?

The Wolfpack is a growing community based around our cosy bar in South-East London’s Casa del Quays. It is also a collection of lovingly brewed digital collectibles, 10,000 of them to be precise. We call them Little Wolfy's and they are hand-illustrated NFTs living on the Solano blockchain.

Wolfy NFT Wolfy NFT Wolfy NFT Wolfy NFT
What's in it for you

Stylish Little Wolfy’s, and a collection of benefits hand-picked by the Wolfy’s team, such as exclusive parties and lifetime discounts. Why not elevate your experience by getting platinum membership with 4 Little Wolfy’s?

Some of our wolves are particularly rare, and if you stumble across one, we will give you the Mayor of Wolfville’s premium treatment, or even launch a line of coffee or beer in your name.

Buying a Wolfy costs £260.

Rare Wolfy NFTs
Wolfy NFT Tiers
The Wolves' Table

The Wolves’ Table is located on Whatsapp and is accessible through some of our QR posters or the button below.

Upon buying your wolf, you gain a voice and right to vote on decisions about the growth of the Wolfy's brand and community. And this is a particularly exciting time to join, as we are on track to open our second cafe bar in London Bridge in 2024.

Wolfy NFT Wolves Table
Why we did it

We believe our core values should be shared and inspire other community-based and customer-facing businesses like Wolfy’s Bar. We want to involve our community and reward them for participating in our journey. Using the NFT technology makes each chapter of this journey unique and tradable.

Wolfy's Bar Quality Value
The Specs

Each Wolfie is unique and programmatically generated from many possible traits, including headwear, clothing and more. All wolves are dope, but some are rarer than others.

There are a total of 10,000 wolves, of which 4 are rarities with unique perks.

  1. Buy with debit or credit card through Helio


  1. Create your custodial wallet. We recommend Crypto.com
  2. Create your crypto wallet. We recommend Metamask
  3. Buy Solano coin on your custodian wallet to the equivalent of £260 plus fees. Transfer this to your crypto wallet.
  4. Reserve your Wolfy NFT (pre-sale) through Helio
  5. On Mint Day, purchase on our Open Sea page
Our Roadmap
Month 1 Final pre-mint date
Month 2 Mint date
Month 3 First content boxes sent out. London Bridge site is selected
Month 4 Plans for new cafe are drawn up
Month 5 First Wolfpack NFT Party
Month 6 Build commences
Month 7 Build concludes
Month 8 Second Wolfpack NFT Party. Opening of Wolfy’s London Bridge
Wolfy's Bar Artwork Door
The Team

The Wolfpack is an extension of Wolfy's Bar and was created by Marike and Wolf, a couple set on putting together a dynamic space that emphasises community, human connection and the feeling of belonging. Hence our motto:

You can always sit with us.
Wolfy's Bar Marike
Marike Dette
Our visionary
Wolfy's Bar Wolf
Wolf Dette
Our money guy
Wolfy's Bar Saira
Our community builder
Wolfy's Bar Andrew
Andrew Wright
Our customer service guy
Valerie Lavrova
Our curator
Wolfy's Bar Paul
Paul Harknett
Our business guy
Wolfy's Bar Rhys
Rhys Thomas
Our tax guy
Wolfy's Bar Rhys
Yulia Babanova
Our artist
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