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Prana Chai Turmeric Blend Starter Kit


Combine the best of Prana Chai with a Prana Chai Turmeric Blend 250g Starter Box. Ideal as a present or a special treat to yourself, these Starter Boxes come with all the essentials for a stove top brew.

A Turmeric Blend Chai Starter Box has everything you need to whip up an unparalleled golden chai, including:

• 250g Prana Chai Turmeric Blend
• Stainless steel stove top pot
• Fine mesh strainer
• Huskee Cup
• Prana Chai Recipe Booklet packed with 6 original recipes to help you make the most of your chai.

There’s no going back once you’ve mastered a turmeric chai tea the Prana Chai way. Buy our Turmeric Blend Starter Box for yourself or as a special gift set for the chai devo-tea in your life.

Serves 15 cups per 250g. 

Pots are not Induction Cooktop compatible.


• premium black tea
• pure honey
• cinnamon
• cardamom
• star anise
• clove
• peppercorn
• ginger root
• turmeric

A slightly earthier profile than other blends, with pronounced ginger and turmeric notes.

• Best served hot.
• Cold brew.
• Cooking.

Helps reduce nausea, prevents bacterial infections, and supports digestion. Honey is a good antibacterial and a source of unprocessed sugar. Turmeric contains curcumin, a substance with powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Black peppercorn assists absorption of turmeric by up to 2000%.

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