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Labruket No 153 Tabac Scented Candle


Scented candle made of wax from organic soy with a burn time of more than 45 hours.

Key Ingredients
Wax from organic soy.

About the product
Tobacco isn't something you would associate with Sweden, however tobacco has been cultivated here from the 18th Century until the late 1950's, for the production of snus. This historical scent, with notes of tobacco, cedarwood, musk, lemon and jasmin create a rich and nostalgic warmth.
The candle is filled by hand in a mouth blown, tinted, amber glass, made of wax from organic soy with an organic cotton wick.

Active scent

A masculine scent of cedar and musk.

How to use
Light the candle for shorter periods of time to maximise the scent and make it more long lasting. Cut the wick to a length of 5-7 mm before lighting and relighting the candle. Place the lid underneath the glass to protect it from heat if the candle burns all the way down.

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